Anne de Villeméjane

Anne de Villeméjane

Visual artist

I believe there is place for serene, poetic works of art.
I create timeless imaginative sculptures, which bring to the space their strong yet peaceful presence.

My work revolves mainly around femininity and materiality.
I thrive with the challenges of creating fragile, feminine figures out of raw construction materials such as cement, screws, nails or wires of all sorts.

The figures appear delicate and strong at the same time. They are pensive, reflecting on the pace and challenges of the outer world.

They are seen through the eyes of a woman. They are not about sensuality or the female body, but about the pure essence of womanhood.

These figures are not representative of any ethnicity. They are universal.
They are not in action, as it could distract the dialogue between the viewer and the figure.
The figures, secretive, rarely offer their gaze to the viewer. They pique his curiosity.

The textural imprints are key to my work, as a sign of times leaving marks that slowly construct what we become and offer for the world to see. Their repetitive and hypnotic forms and shapes allow the viewer to finally dive into the sculpture’s soul.

French artist based in NY with a curious mind, I explore an array of media in sculpture, such as cement and metal, bronze, crystal, resin or acrylic. My portfolio also includes paintings and photographic work.