Visual artist

I am fascinated by the mediums that I work in. I love the long exploration that printmaking, particularly etching and relief, affords me. Sometimes I prefer the immediacy of painting. And recently I have been manipulating used etching plates and firing them with glass enamel, to become yet another art form. I use the media that are available to me to suit the imagery I have in mind, and to expand my ideas until I feel satisfied.

I often leap before I look, which is one of the artist’s prerogatives, and perhaps is what earns many of us the reputation as “being out there.” Taking risks is essential in the creative process: push the medium, push the idea, use all of the tools available and either ruin it or arrive at a new and unexpected place – a completion as well as a beginning.

That said, forget my words, and let the work speak to you in your own language.